Waiting out the storms…

She Adjusted Her Sails

I know everyone has one of “those” days… I woke up and by some twist of fate managed to gain 7 pounds overnight! 🙁 ?#thatdoesntREALLYhappen I had a 6 mile run scheduled today, but I wanted to get in 9 miles… ? Then Liam woke up early and that plan got tossed out. ✔️ 6 miles it is! We had a great trip to the doctor, and I took little man to get a haircut… Everything’s going great, and then while I’m paying the bill… He climbs up in the window to look outside and tumbles on to the floor. I’m just going to go out on a limb and say how UNHELPFUL it is to make the parent feel bad in this situation. #thanksrandomspectator

Things can go from great to terrible in two seconds. I’m convinced parenthood was an idea conceived as a mental test of fortitude. All ideas of shopping for a card for hubby’s birthday tomorrow and getting groceries for making that pumpkin french toast went straight out the window.

As much as it killed me to listen to his screams in the moment, I know that I can’t control everything that happens to him for the rest of his life. For a control freak like me, it sometimes seem impossible to cope with that lesson. Liam has taught me a lot, but the things that stick out today… 1) Enjoy the moment… The hugs, snuggles and love because they pass quickly and toddler emotions are mercurial, to say the least. 2) You can’t control winds of life, but you can control your reaction to them… I will always try to be the port to his storm.

I am humbled and reminded that THAT is my role. I’m not here to control. My job is to comfort, support and be a safe haven for him to return to. Sometimes, that means a mental adjustment for this momma so that hurricane Liam’s emotions don’t take us both out. 😉 Whatever your “hurricane” may be, know that you’re not in the storm alone… Others are out there battling by your side. For what it’s worth, he blew his very first kiss to me today. Somehow that little action soothed my soul and made my heart full again. ❤️

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