Another Pay It Forward Project…

There are tons of great groups out there that organize and plan donations to worthwhile causes.  I just participated in the most recent Pay It Forward Project for Crochet Lounge.  This particular project benefits Weed Elementary K-8 School.  In the middle of September 2014, the city of Weed, CA endured the Boles Fire that wiped out 154 homes.  This left the community scrambling to rebuild everything headed into the winter season.  This area experiences winter a lot like we do in Southwestern PA.  The evenings are pretty cold.

So a concept was born to make a hat for every student and teacher attending and working at the school, which means about 330 hats needed (and some still needed) to be handcrafted.  The hats and beanies will all be made in school colors (green, yellow, and white) with the goal of showing that community and school spirit is alive and well.


The patterns I used in support of this project were all free patterns by Crochet Zombie, Moogly, Playin’ Hooky, and MNE Crafts.

If you are already participating, let me know.  If you want information on participating, please let me know that, too.  None of the hats will be distributed until everyone can receive one.


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