Feeling overwhelmed?

Believe, Obey and Endure


I’ve taken a lot of heart in this saying the last couple of days. The thing is… Not all days are going to be perfect. The curve balls being thrown at you can be difficult to deal with. Maybe it’s a life change, a job change, or simply a difficult toddler that’s wrecking your plan.

Right now, I’m struggling because I feel like my mind is being pulled in all directions… As far as making healthy food choices, I either feel like I want to eat #allthethings or nothing… That includes both good and bad choices. I know the feeling is temporary so I’m pushing through and remembering to take it one “bite” at a time. Whether that’s literally what’s going in my mouth or the “eat the elephant” philosophy of getting everything on my list done. Right now, that “to do” list feels like a trash heap that stuff keeps getting thrown on top of. I will overcome #feelingoverwhelmed. You can, too! <3

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Today is ‪#‎ThrowbackThursday‬!

This is me… In July, working out with 30K+ of my closest friends… 😉

Guess what? I’m still here… Making positive changes one day at a time and addressing my struggles as they come up, while helping others do the same. Our support community focuses on developing lifelong habits and staying healthy so we can lead the lives we choose and pursue our passions. Being healthy is possible and it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life. Making good choices doesn’t have to be complex and time consuming and neither does fitness.

Life is all about balance. If you’re ready to take a leap of faith, I’m ready to lead the way and show you what you need to do to be your best. Think you’re ready for 30 minute workouts and more food than you’ve ever eaten on a “diet” before? Seriously, though, I promise you’re not going to starve! I’ve been there before (and to TOPS, Slim-Fast, Nutri-System, Cabbage Soup, the weight loss “doctor,” etc… ‪#‎thislistismypast‬)

Are you ready for ‪#‎realtalk‬:
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* Daily Dose of Positivity?
* Peer Encouragement?
* Accountability?
* Perspective and Experience of TWO Coaches who want to see YOU succeed?

If you’re determined and ready to make a change, I’ve got a group of rockstars you need to meet!

And if you’ve done a group before and are ready to come back, ‪#‎justdoit‬!! Things are a little different now, and you’re not going to be disappointed! We’re building a community here! <3

Like, message me, comment below, or if you’re shy, fill out the questionnaire HERE. 😀

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Ask yourself why not…

Pay the Farmer to Keep You Healthy

I WAS one of those people who ate with very little thought to whether I was feeding my body nutritious food. I was reactive when it came to health issues. I was suffering from migraines and joint pain and arthritis from past injury.

All that changed when I recommitted to meeting my running goals, added in cross-training with Beachbody programs, and began drinking Shakeology.

Yes, I’m a busy mom, but I’m not going to use that as an excuse not to take care of myself. If anything, that’s even more reason to be proactive in keeping our family healthy. I couldn’t possibly ingest all the superfoods I get in Shakeology… So, it supplements the clean healthy fruits and vegetables my body needs and gives my body a protein boost and energy and cuts cravings at the same time. That’s a win/win for me. So you could ask yourself why *should* I be interested in or concerned about getting healthy, but the real question is why not?

Improving your health may not be easy, but it really is simple. If you want to hear more and are ready to take back control, message me, comment below, or fill out the questionnaire here. I’d love to connect with you.

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Being a Beachbody Coach…

Momma and Liam playing on the swings during our work day.

I’ve been a stay at home mom to this miraculous little boy for 21 months tomorrow. Sometimes it seems like barely a day has gone by. I wouldn’t trade our time together for anything, but I remember that first year being so absorbed in him and our family that I lost who I was as a person and really didn’t take the best care of myself.

8 months ago, I committed to running the Pittsburgh Half Marathon, and 7 months ago, I became a Beachbody coach. If I had known then what I knew now, I would have sought out the opportunity sooner. I suddenly found myself surrounded with a family of people who supported and uplifted and cheered each other on. I was running toward health and fitness and business goals.

Today was a huge milestone when our family earned our biggest Beachbody paycheck to date. I’m still amazed every day that I get paid to share my experiences and help other people on their fitness journey.

Are looking for an opportunity

* to help others?
* to work from home and enjoy every second with your babies?
* to provide extra income for your family?
* to improve your own health and fitness?
* to be part of a positive and encouraging support network?

If ANY of those sound like you, let’s talk about whether coaching on Team Steel Nation is right for you!

Click below to apply today.

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Photo Credit: PaigeLCro Photo​ | Paige Leigh Crossland

2015 Spring NICU Challenge…

For the first time ever, there will be a SPRING NICU CHALLENGE! How cool is that?!? Participants will receive 10 FREE patterns just for committing to make 10 hats for donation to a NICU/birthing hospital.  Who doesn’t LOVE FREE and who doesn’t want to help out a worthwhile cause?!?!  This is my third year of participating in the NICU challenge, and I promise you it will make your heart feel AMAZING just to give back.

The challenge is brought to you by Sunset Crochet/Sunset Family Living…  Bonnie is awesome!  Visit the page, sign up for her newsletter, and tell her I sent you!  The link to sign up for the challenge is HERE!

Another Pay It Forward Project…

There are tons of great groups out there that organize and plan donations to worthwhile causes.  I just participated in the most recent Pay It Forward Project for Crochet Lounge.  This particular project benefits Weed Elementary K-8 School.  In the middle of September 2014, the city of Weed, CA endured the Boles Fire that wiped out 154 homes.  This left the community scrambling to rebuild everything headed into the winter season.  This area experiences winter a lot like we do in Southwestern PA.  The evenings are pretty cold.

So a concept was born to make a hat for every student and teacher attending and working at the school, which means about 330 hats needed (and some still needed) to be handcrafted.  The hats and beanies will all be made in school colors (green, yellow, and white) with the goal of showing that community and school spirit is alive and well.


The patterns I used in support of this project were all free patterns by Crochet Zombie, Moogly, Playin’ Hooky, and MNE Crafts.

If you are already participating, let me know.  If you want information on participating, please let me know that, too.  None of the hats will be distributed until everyone can receive one.


Crochet for a cause…

So, be prepared to see these once in a while…  Crochet is absolutely one of my very favorite hobbies.  I love that it can help me put a little bit of handcrafted love and goodness out into the world.  It may even touch a heart or two.  I certainly hope it does.  It is sort of a “if you have the means and the way” share for me.  I can afford the yarn, and I have the skill, so why not doing something to give back?

A recent challenge I participated in was the NICU Challenge hosted by Sunset Family Living.  If you aren’t already a fan of the blog or Facebook page, you should really check it out.

NICU Challenge Hats

The patterns I crafted for this challenge were designed by Crochet by Jennifer, Cre8tion Crochet, Ashley Designs Corner, Two Brothers Blankets, Little Monkeys Crochet, Hatch-ed With Love, and Moogly.

What is your gift and how can you share it with the world today?