So today will be a first…

It’s my first blog!  Welcome…  You’ve arrived! <3

If you’re reading this right now, you may be wondering what this site is all about.  I have to say, first and foremost, it’s about life!  Granted, it will be a slice of my life, but I’m pretty relatable so I’m sure there will be something here for everyone…  If not, there are tons of things out there on the “old inter webs” that will catch your interest, instead (Fast ‘N Loud anyone?).

My life revolves around dogs, fun family times, crafting, being as healthy as I can (that includes occasionally cooking), and praising God for the blessings he has given.  It’s going to be important to note that the order of those things is not significant.  On any given day, one is always given priority over the other it seems; but nevertheless, we soldier on and try to find balance in our lives!  If those are things that interest you, stick around…  It’s going to be an interesting time; and frequently, it will be a wild, fun and bumpy ride!  If I’ve discovered anything, it’s that life doesn’t always go as planned.  Sometimes that makes the journey all the more interesting!

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4 thoughts on “So today will be a first…

  1. Since Facebook seems to be the only way we get to catch up anymore this is perfect! Can’t wait to read more

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