Lasagna Soup with Cheese (21 Day Fix)

So I promised this one on Monday night after I posted my teaser pic.  I find new recipes every day on the web because I follow a couple of different food bloggers faithfully.  The thing is…  The recipes are always delicious and easy to duplicate, but they aren’t always healthy.  After I began my own journey last year, I was determined to take some of those recipes that were shared and make them better able to fit into our healthy lifestyle.  So on Monday morning, I came across a cheesy lasagna soup that would not have been 21 Day Fix approved.  I REALLY wanted to eat it though, and the pictures of it kept calling my name…  So, I set about making it work for me.  It was a VERY happy bonus that the hubs declared it the best soup I’d ever made and that it was even better as leftovers.  I also never really expected the little man to like it, but he does like lasagna… He ate it like he had a bottomless pit in his stomach and kept wanting more and more!  Here you have it.  Lasagna soup with cheese that is momma, daddy, and toddler approved!  If you are following the 21 Day Fix nutrition program with me, this can fit perfectly into your plan.  For daddy and baby, they had the shredded mozzarella option (and Liam won’t normally eat cheese of any kind!?!).  I had a 1/2 container of ricotta stirred into mine until is was fully blended.  If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below of drop me a line/comment on FB.

Lasagna Soup with Cheese

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