Making changes… (update on the new furry member of our family)

Things are actually going better than expected! The first day was truly the most difficult. Sorting out “family issues” of the furry kind and figuring out how things worked in the household. We also began house training and crate training. These are high on my list of things to accomplish with any new dog.


I am happy to say, we have only had one accident!?! She urinated on the rug going out to the potty area.  I must say I take all the blame for it on my own shoulders. It is MY job to pay attention to her needs until we get this sorted out. House training is simple! You, the human, just have to put in the effort. For some, that can be difficult…

Does she have some bad behaviors? Absolutely! Want me to list them? They are all things that can be trained away or corrected (and I mean in a gentle, positive way). She counter surfs, she jumps up (gently), she tries to chew the rungs on our kitchen chairs, and she has LOTS OF FUN wth Joe’s sneakers…  Shame on him for not picking them up anyway!

But seriously, it’s the funniest thing…  She gently grabs a shoe string and spins in circles letting them fling out away from her with the force of the spin. I could hear her upstairs romping with them while I was running on the treadmill this morning.  Time went faster, and I ran harder as I debated what else she could get into…  So funny!!!

My point is that it’s hard to believe anyone would throw her away.  It makes me sad.  Is she perfect? No…  Am I? Absolutely not!

She has learned to sit nicely and is well on her way to being house trained in 5 days (really we accomplished that IMO on day 2). We are moving on to other behaviors and bigger and better things already!  That’s progress!!!

It’s the story of human existence.  We all struggle…  Our journey lives in overcoming our struggles and finding successes where we can.  Sometimes one hour at a time, and sometimes one day at a time.  We make progress toward our goals…  For ourselves, our families, and even our furbabies!


What are your goals? What are YOU doing to progress toward those goals? Why wait? You never want to look back and say…  Where would I be if I had done “X” a day, week, or month ago.  You can accomplish SO much if you CHOOSE!  PLAN to make it happen, and WORK your plan!

Sadie puts in her “work” with me, plays until her heart is content, and can finally relax…  She doesn’t have to worry about what lies ahead.  I’ll do that for her. <3  Even if Sadie doesn’t know it yet, she’s already following my plan for her.  Things are going just about perfectly…


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