One of the MOST important messages I will ever share…

We all have those days…  We’re in a rush, our children aren’t cooperative…  Whatever the reason, ALWAYS make sure you have the proper equipment to restrain your child in a vehicle and make sure you are using it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines for the child’s height/weight.  Would it be easier sometimes not to do it that way?  Certainly, there’s always an EASIER route.  Is it the right thing to do?  Absolutely not.  It can have tragic consequences beyond anything you can imagine.

I can honestly say that when I read the story I am going to share, I sobbed so hard I couldn’t breathe.  A life cut short…  A tragic choice…  Sacrifice and a willingness to teach others so that no other family has to suffer the same situation.  It’s a hard read.  I hope you read it anyway.  I hope when you’re done, if you have children that need to be in car seats, that you restrain them properly…  EVERY SINGLE TIME!  I love you all…  Be safe! <3


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