Well… It’s OFFICIAL!

We’ve had so much going on lately…  I know YOU ALL know that feeling where life just doesn’t seem to slow down.  We’ve now been in our new home for one week shy of six months…  And we just mowed the grass for the first time!  It’s hard to believe, and YES…  For those that know me, there are still tons of things that need unpacked.  Our little man gets priority, and the rest we do as we can.  😉

What most people may not know was that we moved and began our transition without our home being sold.  It was a big financial burden to go from paying a set amount to paying…  4X’s AS MUCH!  Yes, we had done the math.  Yes, we knew we could afford it.  Yes…  IT WAS STRESSFUL!  I’m sure many of you haven’t paid for two mortgages and two households worth of utilities, but most people have a financial burden of some sort and can relate!  Some extras had to go for a while, and some things we just had to find a way…

I can honestly say that the personal development I did as a Beachbody coach helped to ease my mind.  It “fed” me mentally and spiritually.  It gave me the courage to stand in faith with the decision we had made and know that if we continued to do the things we had always done…  Helping where we could, and giving where we could…  Everything was going to be okay.  It would all work out because it was in His plan.

That leads us to today…  We’re very happy to announce that the home we bought as a married couple and the house we brought our beautiful baby home to and the house where we set goodbye to two beloved pets (AND YES I’M CRYING)…  Is sold!

We have never regretted our decision for a moment.  We could never get back the last six months.  Those months have allowed Joe to be home before dark and to spend so much more time with Liam instead of spending it driving back and forth to work.

A new family will be making memories in that “old house” we left.  (It’s an inside joke because the ‘old’ house is YOUNGER than the new house!) They are a nice couple with two children, and we wish them many happy years there.

We just wanted to share the good news with our friends and families, provide a testimony, and remind everyone out there…  If you have doubt, whatever it is, give your concerns to God.  Work on you.  Trust your voice.  Work your plan.  Your faith will carry you far if you just believe.

House Transformation

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