Your body after motherhood…

So I came across this today, and I loved it!

My personal thoughts after reading?

Yes, motherhood changes who you are.  It should!  I hope that it leads me to be an even better version of myself, though.  A much healthier version with a better outlook on life and more optimism, if I’m being honest.

Realistically, am I going to look like I did in high school or college, even if I met all my fitness and weight loss goals?  NO!  Absolutely not…  That doesn’t mean I won’t look better.

I’m almost 21 days into my 21 day challenge.  I know I’m not done yet…  It’s a lifestyle commitment, and I’m not really sacrificing anything.  I’m gaining POSSIBILITIES!

I hope my journey enables me to look in the mirror and have a stronger sense of pride.  I know I’m working harder than I ever have to meet my goals, and I’m doing it for all the right reasons.  Someday, I may even show my pale, white stomach with pride…  Scars and all!  There are a ton of them from surgery for fertility issues, gall bladder removal, BABY REMOVAL…  LOL!  They are a badge of honor…  They show I survived, and I plan to thrive!


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